Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is a creative service that uses different artistic mediums to communicate any psychological and emotional needs under the guidance of an art therapist. This method explores emotions, calms anxieties, improves self-esteem, and expresses anything that can be otherwise difficult to express. Children especially find a voice during sessions because of their imaginations and creativity.

Our Art Therapists

Crystal Kwentus, ART-BC, LPC, RPT – Creative Solutions Therapies

There’s more to Art Therapy than simply “drawing your feelings.”

Art therapists are trained to lead people through the creative process to best meet them where they are and promote healing and well-being. As an art therapist, I offer art-based interventions that are tailored to fit your needs. The choice to create or engage with specific types of materials will ultimately be up to you.

Art Therapy integrates the creative processes into the therapeutic relationship. It can be useful in exploring difficult emotions, coping with life transitions, reducing anxiety, increasing self-esteem, and building resiliency. Making art in therapy can be a powerful way to achieve personal insight as well as promote emotional healing. Art Therapy helps people of all ages explore life’s problems through a different lens.

Hear more about what Crystal says about her practice and what to expect during a session.

Connect with Crystal

“Luci has always had anxieties and a love for art. Love Like Jackson blessed our family with the gift of Art/Play Therapy for our creative girl. After twelve weeks of sessions with Crystal at Creative Solution Therapies, my daughter has come a long way. She went from being a child terrified of being alone to begging to have her own room. She went from not being able to speak about the serious side of her loss to asking direct questions about death. Luci used to scream and cry during times of frustration and now she cries and says directly that she just needs a hug or whatever she feels she needs to feel better.

As a mother through this grief journey, having Crystal was such a gift because of her ability to dissect issues and explain them to me in a way I could understand. She offered suggestions of things for me to work on with Luci and explained the reasoning behind why Luci does certain things. We have chosen to continue therapy on our own with Crystal. I’m forever grateful to the Love Like Jackson Foundation for wrapping its wings around my daughter and providing a safe haven for her with a trusted adult in Crystal who will be her touchstone for years to come.” – Luci’s mom.

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