Buddy Benches

Jackson’s Buddy Benches are a way for children to feel included and loved.

It began at Jackson’s elementary school, Freer Elementary, as a tool for his peers to be supported in their grief after his death. Jackson loved making friends. Then, more benches were placed in the school playgrounds of friends at different schools. As of February 2022, there are six buddy benches in schools across the Saint Louis area.

Want to join in on the fun?

Make a donation

We are so thankful for everyone who contributes funds to our buddy bench projects. These gifts help so many children who need a friend.


Want to raise funds in your own style?

Go for it! Maybe you want to do a carwash, host a costume party, or some other amazing idea! We would love to work with people who are itching to contribute and raise money in their own creative way!


Get a buddy bench for your playground

We would love to add buddy benches to as many playgrounds as we can. If you have a place in mind, please connect with us.