Music Therapy

What is Music Therapy?

Music Therapy is the therapeutic use of music in order to reach established goals facilitated by a clinician. It is proven to reduce stress, build confidence, and improve mood. A provider will use singing, listening, playing instruments, and movement to engage with music. You don’t have to be musical to participate. You need only your love for music and expression.

Tracie Sandheinrich, MA, PLPC, MT-BC

Tracie Sandheinrich stands as co-owner and Director of Therapeutic Services at Music Therapy STL. She’s the Lead Music Therapist. Along with an amazing team of music therapists, Tracie aspires to educate and advocate the many benefits of music therapy and other expressive therapies. Music Therapy St. Louis will provide services to people of all ages with all types of healthcare needs ranging from cancer, children and adults with disabilities, mental health/illness, grief and loss support, and overall wellness.

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“At the age of 7, Wesley suddenly lost his best friend.  He was angry and often said he wanted to kill himself.  He couldn’t seem to find ways to properly express his emotions or a positive outlet. We started going to a counselor in hopes it would help. With the counselor, he seemed to become angrier and easily frustrated. A counselor even said we may need to put him in a mental facility.  This is when we started looking elsewhere for help. He also started music therapy. Music Therapy STL has been a godsend for him. He’s able to express his emotions in ways that he couldn’t before. Traditional counseling just wasn’t for him. Even though there are still rough days, Wesley has made so much progress. We’re so blessed and thankful that the Love Like Jackson foundation has offered to find and give Wesley the best help possible.” – Wesley’s Mom

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