Trauma-Informed Yoga

HEC report by Suzanne Vanderhoef

What is Trauma-Informed Yoga?

Trauma-Informed Yoga is a yoga class with a trauma-sensitive approach that encourages your child to be who they are and allows them to have control over what a class and session looks and feels like. Giving children permission to explore different postures, and mindfulness activities encourage them to try new ways to self-regulate, problem solves, work as a team, show self-confidence, and self-expression, and learn new coping skills and body awareness. This makes it so they are able to make their yoga practice truly unique and beneficial to them. This also allows for improved self-belief and connection with their internal and external world. Using an invitation and choice language (i.e. if you like, if you’re comfortable when you’re ready) lets your child move at their own pace, and even within their own comfort level.

As a feeling of safety and awareness develops, your child will be encouraged to explore things beyond their immediate comfort level. We all process and develop at our own pace. Learning these imperative skills as a youth is critical to not only healing from trauma but becoming a self-aware, mindful adult.

To learn more about Trauma-informed Yoga, check out Complete Harmony

Complete Harmony is St. Louis’ first trauma-informed youth yoga studio. We offer trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness services for youth who have experienced trauma, have anxiety, mental health, and for kids who love yoga! 

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